These Delicious Ukrainian Foods you Must Try!

Ukrainian FoodsTalking about culinary, each country has its culinary menu with its unique taste, including Ukrainian Foods. Culinary is synonymous with traveling. Yes, those of you who have the opportunity to travel to various corners of cities in Indonesia, of course, it will not be easy if you don’t taste the culinary menus in each region and make them souvenirs. It doesn’t stop there, one day you may have the opportunity to travel abroad, especially in Eastern Europe.

This is part of the continent in the world, one of which has Ukraine in it. Ukraine has a variety of tourist attractions that you can visit. While exploring the beauty of Ukraine which is full of ancient buildings and historical sites that you can access to your heart’s content, you can enjoy the taste of cuisine which is a combination of Middle Eastern cuisine with delicious European cuisine. You can enjoy cuisine with a distinctive taste from Turkey to Morocco in this country. The majority of the dishes served have a sour taste. Are you planning to travel to Ukraine shortly?


Ukrainian residents say that Ukrainian women, especially those who are ready to get married, must be able to make this one-of-a-kind Ukrainian dish. Yes, Borscht is a delicious home-cooked dish and is suitable for eating at home. The ingredients used are beetroot mixed with tomatoes, onions, cabbage, pickles, chilies, and many other ingredients. It looks almost like soup which will taste more delicious if it is not cooked using a gas stove. Yes, delicious borscht is usually served in pots made of clay and cooked in a wood oven. Add a drip of adam cream, don’t forget to taste the pampushky covered in garlic, then you will have the perfect borscht taste pleasure.


Varenyky is also called pierogis. This is a typical Ukrainian dish usually served with Borscht soup. In the form of bread made of salt, water, and flour with various fillings. Starting from fried onions, minced meat, pickled cabbage, to cherries that have a sweet taste. The sweet varenyky is usually combined with honey and ice cream. You can make it yourself at home, or buy it at the nearest supermarket for delicious varenyky packaging.


Banosh is a typical Ukrainian foods originating from the highlands. The basic ingredients are flour which is cooked together with sour cream and brynza, a type of local cheese made from sheep with a salty taste. Other ingredients added are mushrooms and pork. Wait, Muslims can order banosh without adding pork to the seller.

Chicken Kiev

From the name, you can of course predict that this Ukrainian food comes from the basic ingredients of chicken filet combined with butter. Compared to other typical foods, this chicken kiev has a universal taste. Something unique about the chicken kiev menu is that the butter is left in chunks that only a skilled chef can do. The chunks of butter give it a touch of beauty and classy. Chicken kiev is popular enough to be available in both London and New York. This is one of the typical Ukrainian dishes that you should try.


As the name suggests, this dish is served during Easter celebrations. Local people believe that for luck to be on their side, they must taste at least 12 different types of Easter dishes. The number 12 represents the number of months in a year. The basic ingredients used are flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and yeast. For a delicious taste, Easter is cooked in a wood oven and is best served with hot coffee and tea. Easter is only available during the celebration of Easter by Orthodox Christians. Usually, housewives can serve this one delicious snack bread.