Danish Cheese, Savory Food Salty Bites The Tongue

Food Who would not love cheese? Cheese is among the food that comes from Europe as a result of several international locations there are a lot of locations the place cheese is produced, such because the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France. Along with these international locations, Denmark additionally seems to be one of many international locations that produce cheese, and this typical Denmark cheese has many varieties. Properly, if you’re planning to go on a trip to Denmark, remember to check out their typical cheese merchandise. Something? Right here is the listing.

Blue Cheese Denmark

The primary Danish cheese that you will need to strive for is the Danish Blue Cheese or also called Danu. Because the identity implies, this cheese has a blue shade that adorns the complete white shade of the cheese.

This Danish Blue Cheese has a semi-soft texture with a robust scent and style. This cheese is comprised of cow’s milk as the essential ingredient and is normally eaten with bread or biscuits and made as food.

North Sea cheese

Vesterhavsost or the North Sea Cheese can also be one of the common Danish cheeses. This cheese is a kind of semi-hard cheese comprised of pasteurized cow’s milk.

This Vesterhavsost has a clean paste texture with a bare candy style and nutty aroma. It’s because this Vesterhavsost cheese is produced from the milk of western Jutland cows and ripened in a sea-ventilated facility for 30 weeks.


Danbo is a kind of typical Danish cheese that’s fairly common there. Danbo is a cooked cheese that’s normally eaten with breakfast or as a snack.

This Danbo cheese is comprised of pasteurized cow’s milk and has a maturity between 12 and 52 weeks utilizing the smear-ripen methodology, which is smeared with a bacterial or fungal resolution. This course produces a lightweight, semi-soft cheese with a barely bitter style. There are many different variations of Danbo cheese, reminiscent of Gamle Ole, Lillebror, and Riberhus which have a barely different styles. A few of them have a lighter style whereas others have a stronger style.


A typical Danish cheese that’s worthy of your subsequent strive is Havarti. Havarti is a cheese comprised of pasteurized cow’s milk and this cheese will ripen within 3 months, after which small holes will seem all around the physique.

This cheese has an ivory yellow shade with a mushy texture and is straightforward to slice. Havarti has a lightweight, mushy, fragrant style with a slight bitter style. Because the cheese ripens, the flavor will get stronger. This cheese could be very appropriate mixed with sliced apples, honey, greens to pink wine.