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5 Popular Drinks In Norway The Freshness Sticks On Tongue

Drinks In NorwayNorway is one of the countries in Europe that has the strongest pub drinking culture and has a variety of culinary delights that are worth trying. Not only culinary but even Norwegian drinks also do not escape the attention of tourists when visiting the country. A line of typical drinks in Norway does look very delicious and is usually served at various events and celebrations. However, some drinks can be found in all seasons and many places. Typical Norwegian drinks are mostly alcoholic drinks, but you can also find non-alcoholic drinks there. Well, for those of you who are planning a vacation to Norway, you must try the following popular drinks in Norway

5 Popular Drinks In Norway

Apple Cider Vinegar

The first popular drink in Norway is Apple Cider Vinegar. In Norway, apple cider vinegar can be served hot or cold. In some areas, this drink is referred to as Apple Wine. Interestingly, this drink has a golden color that varies from light to dark. To taste apple cider vinegar, you can go directly to the Hardangerfjord area, where the area’s residents have been making apple cider vinegar since the 13th century.


Brennevin is a popular drink in Norway which you must try next. Brennevin itself is actually more closely related to Iceland, but this drink is also very famous in Norway and is widely found in that country. The name Brennevin itself means “burning wine” this is because Brennevin is an aquavit type of alcohol drink, which is a drink that resembles a very strong brandy with an alcohol content of 30% to 38%. Brennevin is made from potatoes and grains that are distilled and sometimes flavored.


Puncsh is also one of the popular drinks in Norway that you must try while visiting there. This drink comes from the Hindi word meaning five. This refers to the number of ingredients used to make this drink, namely water, sugar, fruit, spices, and alcohol. Initially, this drink was made by a distilled process which was usually fermented fruit or using the sap from the coconut tree.


A popular drink in Norway that you should try while visiting there. Mead is not only a popular drink but also one of the important drinks in the country because this drink has an important role in many Scandinavian celebrations that used to come from the Vikings, one of which is the Midsummer Festival. This drink is usually enjoyed hot in winter along with ginger biscuits.


Glogg is a popular drink in Norway that must be try. This drink is a traditional wine with added aquavit. For red wine, it is usually boiled with cloves and cinnamon to produce a sweet but still strong drink. Interestingly, glogg has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions as it can be made with fruit juice or grapes. For those of you who don’t like drinking alcohol, you can still taste the non-alcoholic version of glogg.…

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