Mochi Desserts In Japan That Are Suitable For Gifts

Desserts Mochi is named one of the most vital common Japanese desserts. This mochi not solely gives a scrumptious style and gentle texture, however, can also be believed to carry the spirit of rice or rice. The kinds of Japanese mochi are additionally fairly numerous and everyone gives a novel and completely different style. The varied kinds of mochi are additionally made with completely different supplies however nonetheless have a gentle texture typical of mochi. Effectively, for those who like mochi cake, then you’re obliged to style the varied kinds of Japanese mochi beneath.


The primary sort of Japanese mochi that you will need to strive for is Botamochi. Botamochi is mochi consisting of advantageous crimson bean paste and then wrapped in a ball made from mochi rice.

Botamochi is often supplied through the Buddhist pageant of Ohigan, which often takes place in autumn and spring when folks pay homage to their ancestors by making choices at Buddhist altars.

The identity Botamochi was chosen as a result it corresponds to the peony or Botan flowers which might be often eaten in spring. This mochi is often coated with kinako powder, matcha, wjien, or seaweed.

Hanabira Mochi

Hanabira Mochi is one sort of Japanese mochi that’s not much less scrumptious. Such a mochi desserts is kind of uncommon and is historically eaten by Japanese royalty throughout New Yr’s celebrations.

Hanabira Mochi comes from Kyoto whose identity means flower petal mochi. Apparently, there are a number of components to this hanabira mochi, together with candied gobo burdock roots, white bean paste sweetened with miso to slices of white mochi flattened into flat circles. Such a mochi has a particular look and a vibrant crimson shade.

Sakura Mochi

The following sort of Japanese mochi is Sakura Mochi. Sakura Mochi is a well-liked spring dish.

Sakura Mochi is among the greatest dishes through the hanami season, which is the season for viewing flowers. Apparently, there are two different kinds of this important area of Sakura Mochi. First, within the Kanto area, shiratamako is a sort of candy glutinous rice flour shaped into pink pancakes that are then rolled over a crimson bean paste filling.

Whereas within the Kansai area, domyojiko is rice grains colored with crimson bean filling. Each of those mochi is topped with pickled Sakura leaves which are able to soak into the rice.


This Hishimochi could also be one of the vital stunning kinds of Japanese mochi as a result it consists of three layers pink, white and inexperienced. This diamond-shaped mochi is often served throughout Hinamatsuri or Ladies’ Day Competition.

Hichimochi is usually used as an ornamental image for fertility as a result of is often bought throughout Hinamatsuri which is often held on March 3. This pageant is held to rejoice in the success and well-being of the women.

The pink coating on this mochi symbolizes plum blossoms and good well-being. Then, white shade signifies winter, lengthy life, and well-being. Then inexperienced is an emblem of spring and new life.