What to Expect From Sink Repair

If your sink is cracked or chipped, you may need to contact a professional about repairs. A small crack that is easily repaired on your own, however, is not going to save the day when it comes time for a larger repair job.

Sink Repair

Fiberglass sink damage can occur when the pipe under the sink gets pushed in too hard. When the pipe becomes cracked, it can open up the pipes surrounding the sink. Sink cracks may also show when items dropped into the sink or hit the sink bowl unexpectedly can cause chips and breaks in the sink. Porcelain and glass sinks are more prone to breakage and chipping with age. If this is happening to your sink, it is important to call a professional immediately for the best possible solution.

If the crack or chip in your sink is fairly large, you may have to replace your entire sink. However, if the problem is confined to just a few chips and breaks in your sink, a small repair job will probably do the trick. For example, if the damage to the sink is limited to just the area around the sink’s rim, it may be possible to sand down the area so that the chip and break do not interfere with the rest of the sink. This method will also require you to remove any hardware that may be on the sink. However, removing the hardware may make the rest of the sink seem cleaner and more organized. Sanding should be performed every two months or so, and water will be able to pass through again if the water level is low.

When a crack is more than just a few inches deep, replacing the entire sink will likely be necessary. Most sinks, even those made of glass, will need to be broken up into smaller pieces so that they do not all need to be replaced. The sink itself may not need to be replaced because most sinks are relatively cheap to buy and install. Sinks can usually be purchased in a single piece at an online retailer or at a hardware store. If this is not an option, most sinks can be purchased in individual parts that can be cut into whatever size will work best for your needs.

Glass replacement is always a good idea for those who find a cracked or chipped sink and cannot wait a while to replace it. The easiest way to determine whether or not a glass replacement will fix the problem is to use a glass that is similar in color to the one you currently have. If the crack is relatively small, glass replacement is probably not necessary.

However, if the crack is much larger, or appears as if it will eventually cause a crack in the remainder of the sink, a professional may be needed to repair the damage. Sink repair should not be considered for smaller cracks. Small cracks are easier to repair and will likely need to be covered by drywall or the use of a filler. Larger cracks that are left unfilled are more complicated and will most likely need to be covered by replacing the entire sink.

Once the sink has been repaired, you can apply a sealant that will keep moisture from building up in the area. It is always a good idea to cover any cracks before re-finishing the area so that water does not seep in. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that the area surrounding the sink has a protective covering. And that the sealant is applied over all exposed seams and edges of the area so that moisture cannot leak out and get into the room.

Some homeowners may need to replace the entire sink, but this is a very specialized job and requires knowledge of the material being used. A professional would be the ideal person to undertake this task. You should consider the cost of hiring a professional when deciding whether to take on this job yourself. While this may be a job that you enjoy doing, you would most likely need some instruction in order to complete this task properly. This could also be a job that would require some form of training from a professional contractor or someone with experience in this area.

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